An Awesome Ocean Tale Kids Book

An Awesome Ocean Tale Kids Book

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Give kids tools that give them a head start in life: screen-free, multi-sensory early language learning!

Early language skills, literacy, and fine motor development, plus musical appreciation and diversity, through engaging, screen-free interactions.

Embark on an underwater journey with our touch-activated talking book, introducing English marine-life vocabulary to young learners. Designed for ages 0-5, this book combines the clarity of native speaker pronunciations, enchanting sound effects, and a diverse selection of 12 original songs by celebrated Grammy-winning artists, making early language learning a musical, immersive and screen-free experience.

Imagine transforming bath time into an exciting deep-sea expedition, where seahorse rides and tickling octopuses await. Is it just a boy's dream, or has the ocean come alive? Discover the magic within!

Created by TA-DA! Language Productions and our global educational partners, this board book brings together the joy of music, the wonders of ocean life, and the hands-on appeal of a traditional book. It's the perfect blend of fun and learning, ready to be explored anytime, anywhere.

Brought to you by language educators, Oscar®-winning contributor of “Hair Love” Kelsey Suan, and 4x Grammy®-winning Jesse Lewis, known for his collaborations with Yo-Yo Ma; alongside our friends at Gardner Bullis Elementary in sunny, San Francisco Bay.


  • A 'Film in a Book' experience with rich audio and visual details that allow exploration in any language - then TA-DA! Touch, and a new world unfolds!~

  • Authentic native speakers living all over the world, including students and teachers from our partnering schools

  • 26 pages of captivating illustrations + 12 musical soundscapes in unmatched sound quality by our multi-Grammy® award-winning team

  • Illustrated buttons that boost fine motor skills and confidence with every press

  • 11 words kids love to trace in an early reading font

  • Made alongside and validated by language and early childhood experts

  • Sturdy design, child-safe and environmentally conscious, with forest-friendly paper

  • Portable & easy-to-use On/Off switch for battery conservation and simple battery replacement. The enclosed button batteries are long-lasting, affordable and easy to replace.

  • Includes a bonus seek-and-find game page, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement to the rich book-language journey

  • A tactile-book format that fosters family bonding and sets the stage for lifelong success.

  • Delivers an unparalleled multi-sensory experience that fosters a lifelong love for books and language learning